Remixes + Stuffs

Thought it was a coincidence the first two tracks on my new comp CD both happened to have girlfriend/boyfriend in the song titles.  Hmmm, wonder if it means anything? How about the intro to a new post!

The first track here is a Twelves Remix of The Black Kids 'I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance'.  Great dance remix from this Florida band which has been getting tons of Press and Blog Love.  We were lucky enough to see them perform here in Miami @ Circa before they got too huge not too long ago. Free too! Not too shabby.. 

The second track is by my one of my favorite Norwegian guilty pleasures Annie.  Haven't really heard too much of her new stuff, but this Remix by Get Shakes for 'I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me' is pretty solid and a sure-fire dancefloor hit.   

This next band The Ting Tings I noticed was listed on Hype Machine as one of the most searched/blogged bands the other day.  Pretty impressive, usually the bigger names/more well known artists get those honors.  Anyway's don't know that much about them yet, but this track I have from them 'Shut Up and Let Go' is pretty sweet. Reminds me of bands like New Young Pony Club.


Finally I leave you with Woolfy.  Not the best name out there, but good music beats out a crappy name anyday! Just think how many crappy band names there are out there. Woolfy is a British transplant who resides in California. Recently he's been putting out music on Rong Music, which is Lee Douglas' label (who we recently brought down for WMC.)  This new track of his 'Oh Missy' is catchy as hell! Still trying to get that 'Oh Missy, Oh Missy, don't break my heart' chorus out of my head.  This might take awhile..  This track also has that great mid-tempo groove I love. 


P.S.  Not digging the new Death Cab for Cutie album 'Narrow Stairs'. What happened? Doesn't sound like a cohesive album to me.  There's a good song here or there, but as a whole just kinda sounds like a bunch of different styles thrown together with no rhyme or reason. Pretty disappointed.  I loved Transatlanticism and some of their earlier albums.  Can Ben just take like 6 months off at some point and put out a new Postal Service record. Thank you! Out!



Victor Castro said...

I cannot get enough of Black Kids! I missed them at Circa. I heard not so good live reviews, especially at Coachella. They'll get it soon enough.

That ting ting song is in the new ipod commercial. They also remind me off css.

I'm gonna have to check out woolfy from home (typing from cell).

A friend and I were talking about the same thing you mentioned on DCFC... I mean the same EXACT thing! We all know it's the label, it's not Ben...

Chris said...

I initially had dismissed The Ting Tings, but a group does not get the #1 record spot in the UK for no reason...

The album is surprisingly good. Not something I could listen to everyday, but drop a track here and there... not bad.