OTRtv - Friday Videos

Weezer's new video for Pork and Beans on YouTube stars, who else, but a bunch of YouTube stars!! See how many you recognize.

Taste of Ratatat's upcoming LP3 (yes that's the name) with their new video for Mirando.

Here is Jamie Lidell's first single off of his recent release JIM entitled Another Day.

Here is Cut Copy's latest. Hearts on Fire... Is it me or does it seem like this track has been out forever? The video was just released.

Oh did I mentioend that Coldplay has a new album coming out? Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends, whatever that means. The title track is the soundtrack for the current iTunes ad out.

Go ahead, download it. I won't tell anyone. You need beach music anyways. It's Memorial Day weekend! Just head to North Beach though... stay away from anything south of 17th Street.

MP3: Coldplay - Viva La Vida (YSI)

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Unknown said...

speaking of the new Coldplay record, they got Brian Eno to produce it!!! i look forward to anything and everything he puts his hands on. remember what he did for James? David Bowie? or in Coldplays case U2?