Faint Feeling Fasciinatiion

Been awhile since we last heard from The Faint. Their last record 'Wet From Birth' came out in 2004! Boy does time fly! I've been a fan of theirs since 1999's 'Blank Wave Arcade' which featured the feverish 'Worked Up So Sexual'. I remember how that was the hot dancefloor track for quite some time around 2000 & 2001. It always made everyone go crazy on the dancefloor at PopLife when we were at Piccadilly Garden. I bet most of the kids nowadays probably don't even know who they are, which is a shame cause they helped usher in the whole electro dance scene as we know it today, along with a few contemporaries like Ladytron, Fischerspooner, Miss Kittin and Felix Da Housecat. Then they released 'Danse Macabre' in 2001 and they and Electroclash blew up. Every Indie Party in Miami which at the time basically consisted of PopLife, Revolver and eventually SpiderPussy were playing them.

I remember when I was with PopLife and we brought them down on a couple of occasions to the Polish American Club here in Miami. They were some cool ass dudes. The lead singer Todd went through my CD's while I was spinning and he was commenting how we pretty much had the same taste in music. Then I gave him some stuff to burn onto his laptop and he made me a CD with some of the music he was into. Included in that CD was a new artist by the name of Mylo. Didn't know it then, but they would go on to have a pretty amazing record 'Destroy Rock & Roll' not too long afterwards. Drop the Pressure anyone?

Anyways enough reminiscing. The Faint are Back with New Album 'Fasciinatiion' scheduled to be released August the 5th. Seems they're releasing it on their own label Blank.Wav versus Saddle Creek which put out their previous records. The first single is called 'The Geeks Were Right' and it's pretty much Classic Faint. If you've been a fan of theirs this should be right up your alley. Classic vocoder vocals, dancey beats and synths sure to get you shaking it on the dancefloor. Wondering how much play or how they will do in todays scene. Although they are pretty smart guys, so I'm sure they will be getting some cool new kids to remix their tracks and introduce them to a whole new audience. In addition here's a Classic Faint Track off of Danse Macabre.

The Faint contacted us saying they'd prefer if we use the player from their website for their new track, so here it is.

MP3: Your Retro Career Melted (YSI)

Fasciinatiion Tracklisting::
“Get Seduced”
“The Geeks Were Right”
“Machine in the Ghost”
“Fulcrum and Lever”
“Mirror Error”
“I Treat You Wrong”
“Forever Growing Centipedes”
“Fish in a Womb”
“A Battle Hymn for Children”

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