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Been awhile since I've done a Mail Bag. Good stuff sent in to us?! Us bloggers love that! Not having to search for new music just open up our inbox and bam there it is! Can't beat that! If you guys have cool stuff you'd like featured on our blog feel free to send it our way. I'd prefer you send mine to, AOL's a bitch sometimes. Send MP3's 192 Kbps or better if possbile. If it's good/matches our style we'll put it up. Simple as that...

Here's some of the latest goodness that's been sent our way...

First here' a couple of tracks from Canadian Electro-Pop duo Bikini. Go to their myspace page to read up on some of their history, pretty interesting. One's an original track 'I Remember Being Young' and the other's a cover of Feist's 1234. Not too shabby...

MP3: I Remember Being Young - Bikini (YSI)
MP3: 1234 (Feist Cover) - Bikini (YSI)

Next here's a young man called White Williams. You can see an interview of him on my previous Public Access post. He's on Domino Records and supported Vampire Weekend on their last tour. His new album's called 'Smoke' and is apprently doing pretty good. Here's a track they sent me from the album called 'Fleetwood Crack' and his latest video for his new single 'Violator'.

MP3: Fleetwood Crack - White Williams (YSI)

Next from NY we have Samuel. Love that name, very Biblical. Samuel sent us a great track called 'Say Goodbye'. It's very poppy and very easy to get stuck in your head! Apparently his band features Wade Oates from The Virgins as well. See what you think. He's got a few more on his myspace page if your hungry for more.

MP3: Say Goodbye - Samuel (YSI)

Finally I leave you with a Smoking Hot Danger TV remix they sent me of We Are Scientists' new single Chick Lit. The original version of this track rips off the Daft Punk 'Robot Rock' riff pretty badly, but it's nowhere to be heard here.

MP3: Chick Lit (Danger TV Remix Edit) - We Are Scientists (YSI)

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