Symphony of Machines

Have you guys seen this? In case you guys don't know, Radiohead had a remix competition for the song Nude. You can take a listen at the site of all of the entries. Holy Fuck had their remix in the top 10.

But I am pretty sure this is the only one that has ever been mentioned on the Radiohead blog.

James Houston, the creator/composer/remixer/producer(?), took the competition to an entirely different level. He explains:
"Based on the lyric (and alternate title) "Big Ideas: Don't get any" I grouped together a collection of old redundant hardware, and placed them in a situation where they're trying their best to do something that they're not exactly designed to do, and not quite getting there.

It doesn't sound great, as it's not supposed to."
Equipment used:
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum - Guitars (rhythm & lead)
  • Epson LX-81 Dot Matrix Printer - Drums
  • HP Scanjet 3c - Bass Guitar
  • Hard Drive array - Act as a collection of bad speakers - Vocals & FX
MP3: Nude (Live at the BBC Radio Theatre, London, April 1, 2008)

Give the video a minute or so... you'll understand. By the 1:37, the brilliance of the video appears. And by the way, no human voices used were used.

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Victor Castro said...

This is a great concept, and well executed. It needed to be mentioned in their blog! Truly original!