CHICAGO Mixtape Edition!!!

On my way to Chicago!!! Pretty excited! Never been there... I was all set on going for a much needed vacation then I noticed that Lollapalooza was being held August 1st - 3rd so that solidified it for me. I figured that would be the perfect time for a visit. Check out the City, the Bean, play a couple of gigs and check out a festival. Don't think I'm gonna go all three days, too expensive and not the biggest fan of the line-up, but Saturdays is gonna be my day. MGMT, Ting Tings & Booka Shade sounds pretty sweet to me! Might go Sunday too depending how beat I am, those all day festivals wear you out.

If your going up there or are from Chicago come say hello to one of your favorite Off the Radar Bloggers in the flesh! I'm gonna be spinning at a Bar called Fivestar Friday Night from 9PM-2AM or so (thanks to Arunas for hooking that up) and then Sunday at a Lollapalooza Afterparty called 'Dancing is Allowed' @ Evil Olive. I put the flyer for that one above. Thanks to Derek Berry for hooking that up! He used to be from Miami and throws a weekly Monday Night party there called Rehab that I hear is really cool too!

Anyways before I head out I wanted to leave you with some new music to hold you off till I get back! I've been really digging this new stuff! My favorite collection for a Mixtape yet! It's got a little of everything, from Dancefloor Jams (1-4) to Indie Rock (5-7) and mellower stuff towards the end (8-9). Track #8 Metropolis by Faded Paper Figures is probably the closest thing I've come across to that Figurine feel, even has similar name. The last track Goodbye Lennon by Vanilla Swinger is a gorgeous ballad! Reminds me of Black Box Recorder. Don't have time to write up and post pics of the artists like I usually do, but trust me it's a great bunch! Download them all! You won't regret it! All Highly Recommended!!!

Have a great week-end and see you next week...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ray

Thanks for posting our song. Hope you're having a lovely time in Chicago. Taking pictures of yourself reflected in that chrome bean is a bunch of fun.

xx Vanilla Swingers