The Darkness...

Ha, not that crappy band.... I mean more of the dark tracks variety. Got a little time till I gotta get ready for work so thought I'd share some darker tracks I've been digging lately. You know I love the dark pop stuff. All stems from my Goth upbringings, can't shake it loose.

First here is a great slow brooding Remix Diplo did for Black Ghosts track Repetition Kills You. Sexy as hell!

MP3: Repetition Kills You (Diplo Remix) - Black Ghosts (YSI)

Here's a Fake Blood Remix of Stuck on Repeat by Little Boots. Didn't realize what a cutie she was. Like her better as a brunnete. Love when the break comes in around 3:45 and the vocoder kick in. Check out her new track Meddle as well! Good stuff!

MP3: Stuck on Repeat (Fake Blood Remix) - Little Boots (YSI)

Heres a new band I found about called The Phonograph. Don't know that much about them but I've been loving this track The Abscence. Kinda reminds me of a band like The Editors or The Whip. Check it out...

MP3: The Abscence - The Phonograph (YSI)

Thats it for now... Gotta run! Let me know if you guys hear of any cool new videos for me to post. Wanted to post one but couldn't think of anything right now.

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