A Journey Across The Pond

My current goal is to some be able to play this song the next time I DJ.

MP3: Uncle O - Avalanche zshare/ysi

I consider it a challenge. I know it will be. The crowd will not know what hit them. In fact it could even kill the party. Or it could work. The mood will have to be right, the build up must be momentous and spill over to the next track, obviously the follow up track is key here. This song sets you off on a journey but does not necessarily take you all the way there. But sometimes it is not the destination but the trip that is the best part.

Uncle O released his latest LP on Cosmo Vitelli's I'm a Cliché Records.
Let's speak like what we definitely are: fans.
Uncle O is someone we have an unlimited respect for, here at I'm a Cliché.
A restless record digger with an insane record collection, a resident Dj at the mythical Bains-Douches club in Paris at its golden era (82-85), a graphic designer for James White, OMD, The Cure, A Certain Ratio as they were touring in France, and later part of the emerging French hip hop scene (he even appeared on vocals on the seminal French hit « H.I.P – H.O.P », french people will know what it's about!).
He produced occasional instrumentals for French hip-hop bands like Assassin, released a few cult records as JACKOS and organized some of the best parties we've been to, here in Paris, the TOXIC nights.
To finish with boring lists, we should mention some of the many compilations of soul breaks, Miami bass anthems or dancehall classics he did, like the « Shaolin Soul » serie, « Champion Sound », or « The Joint », etc…).
We were lucky enough to have lots of his unreleased tracks since ages and we thought that time had come to go for this release, the 14th of I'm a Cliché and its first LP. Everything we like at the moment is inside : Italo gems, weird industrial funk, deviant hip-hop, slow folk-disco…Yeah, it's all in there!

Supported by Trevor Jackson, Tomboy, Trickski, Krikor, Jean Nipon, DJ Morpheus, Roy Dank

Check out some more tracks over at Cosmo Vitelli's own blog AlainFinkielKrautrock. He has a TON of rare tracks, DJ mixes, etc... to download. Sometimes I get really jealous at the things that happen on the other side of the pond.

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