We Have a Holiday Coming

Well at least for those of us in the U.S. BUT for everybody else, Metronomy is releasing a new track titled Holiday next week. They just sent over to us the b-side to the single. If The Raid, is a b-side I cannot wait to hear the other side!!

MP3: The Raid zshare / ysi
Well, actually we do get to hear it, via YouTube and this promotional clip for the track. The single is out on July 7th (probably not here in the US what else is new?). They also are running a contest via their MySpace profile, Facedook, etc... and will be giving out holiday "kits" for the funniest holiday photos which include special Metronomy sunglasses.

I'm sure you guys have a few photos floating around. Upload the photos and tell them who sent ya.

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I cannot find "Our Raid" anywhere, and your download link doesn't work :{