The week-end is upon us....

The week-end is upon us and I haven't posted any tracks this week, so wanted to squeeze in a few before the week-end hits!

P.S. I'm gonna be heading to Chicago for Lollapalooza (MGMT here I come!) in a couple of weeks if anyone from the windy city can hook a brother up with some gigs, let me know. Have one already and working on another, but could always use more help. Also if you have any places you think I should check out whilst there send them my Oooo also affordable Hotels/Apartments for rent near Grant Park/Downtown area. Nearly impossible to find online. Thanks!

First off here's a SUPER HYPER remix ddpesh from Brooklyn sent us of Diplo's Wassup Wassup. This track kinda gives me anxiety (it's so fast), but I'm sure it'll obliterate the dancefloor if dropped at the right moment. Try it on for size...

MP3: Wassup Wassup (ddpesh remix) - Diplo (feat Rye Rye) (YSI)

I love Ladyhawke and I love French vocals. Here Ladyhawke hooks us up with her big hit Paris is Burning sung in French! Sweet! Love the chorus... Pop genious!

MP3: Paris s'enflamme - Ladyhawke (YSI)

Speaking of pop genious here's a new track from Van She called Strangers. Love these guys, have a feeling they are gonna be huge. Especially if they keep cranking out hits like this. Love the bass line on this! They also do great remixes as Van She Tech which you should check out as well.

MP3: Strangers - Van She (YSI)

That's it for now... Hope you have a great week-end! Just found out one of my favorite all time bands James has reformed and put out a new album called Hey Ma! Can't wait for that! Tim Booth's completely bald now! So weird to see. He always had all that great curly hair. Getting old is a mother fucker! Still love him though...

Here's a classic James track that takes me back to my college days... Born of Frustration people, Born of Frustration.


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