Seems like Van She will be releasing their debut album V October the 7th as an Import. Not sure when we'll see a Domestic release for it here in the U.S. Been digging this G.L.O.V.E.S. Remix for new single Changes.

MP3: Changes (G.L.O.V.E.S. Remix) - Van She (YSI)

While I was looking for pics for new band ELKE from Australia on Google I found tons of pics, except for them. Seems there's a porn star called Elke that they call the Stallion. Must be cause of her huge ASS!! She must be pretty famous too, cause there were a bunch of them! Finally found ELKE on Myspace, but even there there were a bunch of ELKE's. Bands really need to look into shit like that when they're figuring out names for themselves.

Anyways been loving this track from them called Till I'm Gone. Their music also reminds me of another band with a similar name/vibe from a few years ago, Elkland. Remember them? They had that big hit Apart towards the end of the Electroclash era. Even opened up for Erasure here in Miami. Funny how bands come and go so fast sometimes.

MP3: Till I'm Gone - Elke (YSI)

Here's the video for Van She's Changes.

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Anonymous said...

The funny thing is about Elke's name is they named themselves after her. it's irony at it's greatest.