Bag Raiders

Australian artists are at it again! Jeez what's in the water over there? So much great dance music coming out of that island.

This time Sydney, Australia's Bag Raiders just released a new EP Turbo Love (really a Maxi Single - 2 tracks plus a dub and instrumental version) on the Bang Gang Label. Both tracks Turbo Love and Shooting Stars are excellent! I prefer Shooting Stars as it contains their first non robot/vocoder vocals and has more of that electro-pop feel that I tend to like, but you can't go wrong with either of the these two tracks. I'm sure both will be lighting up dancefloors everywhere very soon, if they haven't already started. Can't wait to see what they do with their full length album.

Their label has a great sense of humor too, here's what they had to say about the release.

"Its still got the filtered, old school French touch inspired sound, but its got something else. Maybe its got a bit more drama, even more adventure, some Vangelis soundtrack vibes. Whatever it is, it's hard to describe, it's like truffles. You know that weird taste, you're full of food, you don't want to eat more but you just have to so you can put your finger on the truffle taste? You know the feeling. That's what the Bag Raiders sound is, it sounds so good, a bit familiar, but you can't pick it so you just keep dancing. Yep, that's it. Truffle house! That's what it is. I think I just invented a genre. Or the Bag Raiders did anyway. If the Bag Raiders were quicker in the studio they could rival Danny Tenaglia for the 24-hour set. People would not be able to stop dancing! But for now you just have to be content with this EP. Track one, 'Turbo Love,' is a straight-up Bag Raiders can't-get-off-the-dance-floor party action -- blah blah blah -- full of some balls-chopped-off high pitched super vocoding and a lead to make you play air keytar to. Track two is a thicker and faster version of the first track that makes you feel as though you were at a slamball convention without your knee pads and mouthguard. 'Shooting Stars' features the first real life vocal (meaning not a robot voice) for the Bag Raiders, and who else to feature than our very own Rhys from like woah! The kid has soul, not Marvin Gaye soul, but enough soul {to get your not-so-brand-new Olympic edition Air Max Ones resoled while he hits the highs) to get some plays on by Pete Tong if he is feeling moody..."

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