Bjork vs TV

I got a little worried I was not going to like the new Björk / Thom Yorke collaboration Perhaps it was missing the frenetic sounds of her earlier albums. Volta had a bit too much Timbaland for my taste (but it had some good singles, just didn't sound like a cohesive album). It also should just be a solo effort but I guess to bring attentions to the cause behind it, Thom's name is tacked on... Nevertheless, this single track has all the right elements, Thom Yorke on wailing backing-vocals (that only Thom can do), Matthew Herbert on bass, Mark Bell on whatever he touches is gold, and Lightning Bolt drummer, Brian Chippendale, who adds the most haunting touch to the single, the drums (he played drums on Dull Flame of Desire).

Most importantly, all proceeds from the track will go towards the Náttúra Campaign.
You can find it at and at

MP3: Björk - Nattura (ysi)

Björk (Feat. Thom Yorke) - "Nattura"

This video below (not the music video) pretty much embodies why I find Bjork so intriguing (and why I decided to even write this post).

Björk vs TV

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