Cure ME!

The Cure aren't exactly an Off the Radar band, they're living legends! One of a handful of bands that helped shape who I am today. I remember as a teenager when I would get sad I would play their CD's and it would always make me feel better. At one point I went out and bought every album they had (including The Gloves side project Robert did with Siouxsie Sioux). I'd buy them at used CD shops cause I could get them there for only $5 each. I loved them all! The poppier ones (Head on the Door, Wish) as well as the full blown darker goth ones (17 Seconds, Pornography, Disintegration, etc).

This is their 13th studio album and it's entitled 4:13 Dream. Hard to believe they've been at it since 1978! How many classic tracks has Robert Smith penned in that span and how many fads have come and gone?? Too many!

Although I am not as big of a fan of The Cure as I used to be (I started phasing out around 96's rather disappointing Wild Mood Swings) everytime I see something new from them I have to pause and check out what their up to. If nothing at all at least for respect for all that they have accomplished and the impact they had on my life as well as many of my friends lives. It's obvious when I go to one of their shows, last time I saw them at the 2004 Coachella they headlined in front of 70,000+ people!

So far the tracks I've heard are pretty good. Some of the reviews I've been reading have been pretty harsh. I know it's hard to live up to some of their past glories, but they can still run circles around most modern bands. Robert Smith's vocals still sound as amazing as ever! Everytime I hear his voice/music it transports me to a more innocent time in my life and for that I will always be grateful...

Here's a couple of my fav's so far and their video for The Only One, their first single.

P.S. On this new record Porl Thompson an original Cure member who was last with them on 92's Wish album returns after playing guitars for Led Zeppelin. He looks way different now with shaved head and tattoos all over, including his head. Also Roger O'Donnell long time synth player for them is not in this Cure incarnation. So at the moment their a 4 piece with the amazing Simon Gallup on Bass and Jason Cooper on Drums.

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