Sail Away....


In keeping with Chris' Yacht Rock theme, here are a couple tracks I heard this week-end that I thought would totally match that genre.

The first track I heard while watching one of those I Love the 70's VH-1 shows. They played a 5 second snippet of this song called 'Kiss You All Over' by Exile. I recognized the track right away from somewhere in my collective unconscious. At some point in my life I had heard this song played on the radio. Right away it reminded me of Yacht Rock. This track seems tailor made for that genre. The chorus is one of the smoothest things ever... That deep voice singing 'I wanna kiss you all over, till the night closes in...' It's Yacht Rock Gold!

MP3: Kiss You All Over - Exile (YSI)

The other track is from one of my favorite movies 'Running with Scissors'. If you've never seen this movie before I highly recommend you check it out! Based on a true story, it's amazing! With a great soundtrack and one of the best casts.

There's a scene in there towards the end when Annette Bening completely loses her mind and she starts spinning around and snow seems to be falling from indoors when this song by Manfred Mann 'Blinded by the Light' kicks in. Sheer brilliance! One of my favorite scenes in the movie. Perfect song for that scene and it totally reminds me of the Yacht Rock theme, although maybe a little rockier than most of the smoother Yacht Rock tracks, it's still excellent.

P.S. As I was researching Blinded by the Light I found it was originally a Bruce Springsteen song. It never did that well, until Manfred Mann covered it and it went on to reach #1 on the charts. Seems the mangled Deuce lyric which Manfred Mann appears to be saying Douche is one of the reasons Bruce attributes to the cover's greater success.  

Here's the trailer for Running with Scissors...

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