David Byrne/Holy Ghost! Re-Cap

Saturday Night was pretty sweet! Got to see David Byrne (no Brian Eno unfortunately, but he played some of their songs) at the Fillmore/Jackie Gleason Theater which by the way is gorgeous! Hadn't been there since they revamped it and it has to be one of the nicest auditoriums to see a quality show in Miami. (I hope it lasts!)

Then I was off to The Vagabond to open up for Holy Ghost! (DFA) at Back Door Bamby.

Both were excellent! Had a great time! Maybe too great, ended up getting drunk and sick by the time I got home.

My only regret for the David Byrne show is that I got there a tad late and missed the first track which happened to be Strange Overtones, the one new song I most wanted to hear. Oh well... When they played their big Talking Heads hit Once in a Lifetime about midway through the set the crowd went nuts! Everyone jumped off their seats and started dancing. It was pretty amazing! Same thing for Burning Down the House later in the night for their third encore. No Psycho Killer unfortunately.

They had dancers and back up singers that seem to be multi-talented, playing instruments and dancing as well. It was nice that they incorporated David into some of the choreography as well. He looks pretty amazing for his age! I hope I look half that good at his age.

One of my favorite songs he played which I had never heard was a Talking Heads track called Heaven. Pretty heavenly indeed! Here is that track.

MP3: Heaven - Talking Heads (YSI)

Then at The Vagabond Holy Ghost! rocked Bamby with some rare Disco gems and a bit of newer Electro stuff as well. Took the crowd a bit to adjust to their style. Seems Miami is still behind with the whole obscure Disco/Nu-Disco thing, but eventually the crowd started grooving and filled up the dancefloor.

Nice guys! Had a couple lemon drop shots and beers with them. Told them about Off the Radar and they were nice enough to give me a brand new 'Edit' they did for a classic Michael Jackson track 'Get on the Floor' from Off the Wall for me to post! So with no further a-do here it is.

MP3: Get on the Floor (Holy Ghost! Edit) - Michael Jackson (YSI)

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dp said...

wow! I'm jealous, heaven is a beautiful song! I hope I get another chance to see him.