Kid Freakout

Kid Freakout (formerly Kid Filthy) from the U.K. sent us a few tracks last week. He must read the blog or have very similar taste, cause all the tracks he sent are totally our cup of tea.

First he sent an original track 'Primary' (Rage Version) which as the name implies is a raging electro dancefloor stomper. This should pretty much get any party going, if there's a heartbeat in it at least.

Then he sent us a remix for Franz Ferdinand's new one 'Ulysses' that is excellent! Great housey version of the track. Should work well in the clubs.

Finally he sent us a nice midtempo re-interpretation of Ladyhawke's 'Back of the Van'.

He sent these all in full quality 320 bitrate!

Want even more FREE stuff from him?? Go to his Myspace and download his great Christmas Mixtape. It's a dark and grooving hour long electronic mix. Been jamming to it the last couple days. Highly recommended!!

Thanks for the early Christmas Gifts Kid! Love the new art too!

MP3: Primary (Rage Version) - Kid Freakout (YSI)
MP3: Ulysses (Kid Freakout Remix) - Franz Ferdinand (YSI)
MP3: Back of the Van (Kid Freakout Remix) - Ladyhawke (YSI)

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