Dance, Dance, Revolution...

Dance, Dance, Revolution!!!

First saw this game in that movie Grandma's Boy (check the 1st youtube clip above) and it cracked me up, still does. Never played it, but it's so funny to watch people play it. Just saw a Youtube video of a kid playing it at home (check 2nd clip above). Awesome!! Not that I could play it right now, my back sucks! It gives out like once or twice a year for no reason and pretty much puts me out of commision for a few days. Just happened again! So painful any movement and I get a painful spike up my spine. Feel lucky if you've never had one.

Anyways since I'm home doing nothing but watching CNN (Go Obama!) and resting, thought it'd get on here to post some new dance tracks for you guys. I always notice the Dance Mixtapes usually get the most views. Spikes our hits everytime they come out. Either way our little blog here is pretty steady. Thanks for listening! It's great to know there are people who dig new music as much as we do. What's funny is that our blog is a pretty International affair. The top cities that look at our blog are Miami, London, New York, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Berlin and Hialeah! Ha, love that last one..

Anyways here's some new dance tracks I've been digging...

The first one is from Sydney duo WOW. Seems their pretty new. Their Myspace says they were invented on November 2007. That would make them a whole 3 months old. This track of theirs 'When Your Dead' is pretty sweet, albeit with not too many lyrics. 'When you expire, you'll be on fire' Wonder who they could be talking about? We'll be keeping an eye on them.

The next one is from Philadelphia band Hail Social. They're a pretty cool Indie Rock band, but here they get some great dancefloor remix treatment by Designer Drugs for their track 'Heaven'. I could totally picture this one being played on a dancefloor near you, the way Shout Out Louds had 'Tonight I Have to Leave It' turned from a rock track to dancefloor stomper by Kleerup. Gotta love that. Life for the rock fan and under the disco ball as well.

The Slips
from the UK put out a great dance track called 'This Time is Not Your Own'. Love jamming this on the treadmill (when my backs not screwed that is!). Won't be too shabby on the dancefloor either!

Poney Poney are from Paris France! Nice place to live, no? I need to go visit one day. They've got some great music and have some famous friends like Justice who has helped produce some of their music. Here their track Junior gets remixed by Chateau Marmont and he did a great job. Really beefs up the original for dancefloor annihilation. Check out more on their Myspace page as well as a remix of The Teenagers 'Love No'

Like 90's house? Then this track 'Love' by Frenchman Thomas Bangalter (or is it Louis La Roche, check out comments) will have you feeling nostalgic and wishing there was more of this being put out today! I was never a big house fan back in the day (alternative rock kid here), but I can totally appreciate and dig something like this nowadays. A Classic!


MP3: Wow - When You're Dead (YSI)
MP3: Hail Social - Heaven (Designer Drugs Mix) (YSI)
MP3: The Slips - This Time Is Not Your Own (YSI)
MP3: Poney Poney - Junior (Chateau Marmont Remix) (YSI)
MP3: Louis La Roche/Thomas Bangalter - Love (YSI)

Chairs in the Arno

If your a fan of bands like Barcelona, Figurine, Freezepop or even Postal Service then California band Chairs in the Arno should be your cup of tea. Bands are always being compared to some of the bands I mentioned above, but upon inspection they usually don't measure up or sound completely different. Chairs delivers on simple electro-pop and reminds me most of Figurine (especially their first album, Transportation + Communication = Love). Male and female vocals going back and forth over simple bleeps and melodies. Simple can be good as long as the ideas are there. Just listen to Magnetic Fields '69 Love Songs'.

Chairs has released an 8 song album called 'File Folder' which even has artwork reminiscent of early Figurine. Here's a couple tracks. Check out their MySpace for a couple more.

Mail Bag

We've been getting tons of submissions to the Off the Radar Mail Bag/email from bands/artists who wanna have their music exposed to our Blog and readers. To be honest most of them are not very good, but every once in awhile we get some stuff that's pretty darn good and deserves mentioning on here. Here's some of the better stuff we've gotten recently.

The first track is from Local Miami Favorites Afrobeta! I've known Cristy for awhile (great girl) and you've probably seen her in some commercials without even knowing it. Saw her in a car commercial during the Super Bowl! Recently she's teamed up with one of the members of another established Miami band Suenalo 'Smurphio' (aka Tony) and Omar Tavarez on Drums to bring some great dance music to the Miami landscape. They're a staple at many local music venues. The other night while I was on a break at Circa Saturdays I managed to sneak downstairs to see what was going on there when I heard Jay playing a great track. I immediately went up to him to see what he was playing. To my surprise it was a track by Afrobeta called 'That Thing'. Anyways a couple days later he emailed it to me and I've been burning it out ever since. I think Cristy will also be releasing a cover of Freestyle artist Stacey Q's 80's Hit 'Two of Hearts' pretty soon, so keep an eye out for that one as well. She's been covering it Live and she rocks it! Check out their myspace page for more.

The next band is a collective from Scotland called Broken Records. They're one of these big bands with tons of members kinda like Arcade Fire and they kind of remind me of them a bit. Their songs are slower tempo, than most of the stuff on here, but definitely worth a listen. I recommend it for nighttime listens especially. Love the strings they got going on everywhere. Check out this great track they sent me called 'Slow Parade'. My fav. Go their myspace page/link above for more.

Finally got an email from NY duo Streetlab. These guys seem busy as hell. They started out doing remixes of classic rock songs in a dance format that appeals to dance music fans. They have tons of remixes available to download for Free on their site From artists like INXS to Rolling Stones and Bob Marley to newer electronic acts like Hot Chip, Thieves Like Us, etc. They also do original music as well and they're some of my favorites. Check out NY Sound and She is Our Music, both great original tracks from them.


New Email Addy

info @

Nifty huh? Update yo' books!

...or you can reach us individually at:

chris @
ray @

Classic(s) Remixes

Wow, that last Radiohead post is still warm and now I see that Ratatat is also releasing a free hip hop EP. However, the details are a little different. Instead of a hip hop producer remixing the rock band, it is the rock band performing the remixes of hip hop classics.

They DJ'ed my friends party at the Darkroom in NY a couple of years ago and pretty much played hip hop the entire night (you could divide the hipsters into two groups, either they were breaking it down on the floor or taking their vodka cranberries and going outside for a smoke) . Anyways, after these remix volumes I guess you can say the guys like their hip hop. Glad to see their set list has increased since I saw them DJ. They were playing some extremely played out (by Miami standards?) cuts like It Takes Two and I swear I heard Ice Ice Baby.

Here are some of the artists these guys tackle on this volume :
14 new remixes featuring: Bun B, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, Slim Thug, Devin the Dude, Young Jeezy, T.I., Beanie Sigel, Pimp C, Ludacris, Young Buck, Saigon, Juvenile, Z-ro, Memphis Bleek, Kanye West +exclusive tracks from Despot and Beans...
-- via Ratatat's site

Get the entire EP here! Warning (for Ray.. hahaha) it's hip hop. It's not an rock song with some verses on top of it.

ZIP: Ratatat Classics Volume 2

And a few samply samples:

MP3: Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls - Allure (Ratatat Remix) (YSI)
MP3: Z-Ro, Devin The Dude & Juvenile - The Mule (YSI)

Music for Rainy Days

After dealing with these crazy rains in Miami the past couple of days (and today does not look even better), this album cannot be any more apropos. Seriously, I'm making a playlist and putting the entire thing on repeat. All day.

Amplive has finally reached an agreement with Radiohead and all other parties involved and Rainydayz has finally reached the ears of the public! Add this to the list of Reasons Why Radiohead Is Awesome (dang it, need to get more paper).

The project is the work of Oakland producer Amplive and is a remix project taking Radiohead's In Rainbows and some incredibly talented MC's (Too $hort, Del the Funky Homosapien, members of Jurassic 5, etc...) and creating an incredible interpretation of the British band's latest release.

Check out with other blogs have to say and GRAB IT QUICK at here!!

The Music Slut: We're Awesome
Brooklyn Vegan
Get Weird Turn Pro

MP3: All I Need (Amp_live Remix) (YSI)

Tickle You With Cuteness

Miami artists/designers/friends Friends With You have created a wonderful new film as part of the Zune Arts program along with some artwork to decorate your Zune. Aaand Santogold has provided the musical backdrop with her song Say Aha.

The film is filled with puppets, magics jewels, and a pair of fuzzy characters as the protagonists. The story even has a moral to it. Be nice alright? I really enjoy how the duo explore the idea of mysticism and symbols by using ideas and concepts from past cultures but interpreting them in their projects. These narratives help to explain their ideas.

As for the film itself, the stop animation is awesome and now that CGI is everywhere, it is nice to see other media used to create animations. And a fantastic track was chosen as the musical score.

Good job Zune team! But I still love my iPod.

While we are on the topic, anybody actually own a Zune? I remember the hype about the Zune Social (the social ended a while ago) and the device being an iPod killer but ever since the 2nd generation's delay I think the player has fallen by the wayside. However this Zune Arts program is pretty interesting and relevant unlike its circuit board counterpart.

Tickle Party
Friends With You

I am posting (the much blogged) track Creator which illustrates the similarities between her and M.I.A. But after listening to more of Santogold's tracks you can tell that she is not a copy of M.I.A. (watch the film for another style of hers). This track below however has some out of control beats and basslines.

MP3: Santogold - Creator (YSI)

More Radiohead Tour Details

My last post was a little anemic. It was early and I was too tired. So here are some more details...
Radiohead Tour Dates

West Palm Beach Info (Sorry that's all I personally care about...hehehe)
Ticket prices are anywhere from $32.50 - $55.00. Pretty damn fair if you ask me. Last time I saw them was at the same place (different flavor of a corporate sponsor, was it Sound Advice Amphitheatre? Are they even around anymore).

They go on sale THIS Saturday (2/16/08) at 10:00am.
Tour Schedule
05-05 West Palm Beach, FL - Cruzan Amphitheatre

Everybody else...
05-06 Tampa, FL - Ford Amphitheatre
05-08 Atlanta, GA - Lakewood Amphitheatre
05-09 Charlotte, NC - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
05-11 Bristow, VA - Nissan Pavilion at Stone Ridge
05-14 St. Louis, MO - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
05-17 Houston, TX - Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
05-18 Dallas, TX - Center
06-06 Dublin, Ireland - Malahide
06-07 Dublin, Ireland - Malahide
06-09 Paris, France - Bercy
06-10 Paris, France - Bercy
06-12 Barcelona, Spain - Parc del Fòrum
06-14 Nimes, France - Arenes
06-15 Nimes, France - Arenes
06-17 Milan, Italy - Civica Arena
06-18 Milan, Italy - Civica Arena
06-20 Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany - Southside Festival
06-22 Scheeßel, Germany - Hurricane Festival
06-24 London, England - Victoria Park
06-25 London, England - Victoria Park
06-27 Glasgow, Scotland - Glasgow Green
06-29 Manchester, England - Lancashire County Cricket Club
07-01 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Westerpark
07-03 Roskilde, Denmark - Roskilde Festival
07-04-05 Werchter, Belgium - Rock Werchter Festival
07-06 Arras, France - Main Square Festival
07-08 Berlin, Germany - Wuhlheide

Here is We Suck Young Blood from 2003 the last time they were at West Palm (check out Thom's hilarious dedication to Clear Channel) and the crowd's response.

bang, bang, dance..

Just heard this great new track called 'Elvis' by U.K.'s These New Puritans. Loving the lyrics! They blend politics, spirituality, danciness and aggressiveness all with one punch. 'We're being watched by experts', 'I'm gonna tell you my secrets'. Reminds me of the illegal wire tapings and such that have been occuring since 9/11 and probably were our society is heading in general. You know, to stop terrorism. Cameras everywhere watching our every move, just like in the George Orwells classic '1984'. It also deals with spiritual issues like the religious rapture and agnosticism when it says' and if there is a god, then he'll take me up', and 'we're all waiting'. The album is out in the U.K. already. Should be out in the U.S. sometime in March on Domino Records.

Here's another track from the Neon Neon (Gruff Rhys from SFA/Boom Bip side project) The first single is called 'Trick for Treat' and features vocals by Har Mar Superstar and Spank Rock. It's pretty irrisistably catchy. The way a Gorrillaz track can mix dancey grooves & hip hop. Should be pretty big hit for them this year. Go to their myspace page and check out the other 2 tracks 'I Lust You' and 'Raquel'. Both great songs as well! There's also a video of them doing another track Live in the studio for BBC. Can't wait till it's released, March the 18th. Birthday present anyone? I'm a March 14 baby.

Here's another great band from Paris called Das Pop (great name!) Loving their track 'Fool for Love'. 'I just can't get enough, cause I'm a fool for love'. Great pop song filled with hooks and melodies and we can all relate to those lyrics, no? Go their myspace page for more.

Finally here's a band called Private from Copenhagen, Denmark. Found out about them through my friend Liz from Freezepop and it looks like they were formed after Superheroes broke up and features the lead singer and a couple of Superheroes members. It's definitely more of a mainstream pop feel, like classic 80's Micheal Jackson/Prince or even Justin Timberlake or Annie, but it's a guilty pleasure, I can't help liking it. Apparently their pretty big in Denmark. Their single 'My Secret Lover' went Platinum. The albums not available on itunes or the US yet. Gotta get it through an international internet store or as an Import. I'm thinking of ordering it. Check out the video 'Crucify My Heart' below with a little nod to Micheal Jackson's Thriller in some of the dance moves.


These New Puritans - Elvis

Private - Crucify My Heart

What would yo momma say?

This song blows away the pro-Obama song Yes We Can (I can't believe his name made it onto this blog...). I'll rectify that quickly posting this other song by Fire Magic Blood (FMB) aka Daedulus and Sa-Ra.

It's a bit late to be campaigning but the song is pretty funny. I can't help it. I can see myself bouncing to this song on the dance floor.

MP3: Obama (YSI)

This wasn't a political post, okay maybe slightly...

F**k what yo momma say.. Im’a vote Obama Way!


So what's up with FMB anyways? Time to start pressing the boys at WVUM to give me the scoop. They usually know...

No Kinda Boys

This one is going to be REALLY quick. Things are busy at work and a guy's gotta have his priorties.

Anyways, The Junior Boys are still working on the follow-up to their brilliant sophomore album This Is Goodbye. In the meantime, they hooked up with Germany's Get Physical Label (M.A.N.D.Y., Booka Shade)to put together Body Language Six which includes an exclusive new Junior Boys track.

Among the artists the guys have selected are Matthew Dear, Studio, Supermayer. It's a really well put together set. It might be a little minimal for some but the Kelley Polar track is INSANE.

Anyways, I am ambivalent about the Junior Boys track. It really belong as the album closer but I think they felt it strange to end with their own track and dumped it in the middle of some others.

Take a listen (Oh, it is a DJ mix CD, so the tracks are seamless between each and you are going to hear the start of the next song at the end):

MP3: No Kinda Man (YSI)

And Miami, they're coming back this way for WMC on March 27 to Studio A . If you missed them last year, you have a second chance! I'm wondering if this is a DJ set though? Last year was a full concert with Lo Fi Fnk opening. Great show! And I even got to hang out with them during their sound check during the day.

Oh and remember Inner City? Good life... Good life... Good life... Good life... well they're back, kinda, with a remix of another song from the same period. What makes it a big deal is that Simian Mobile Disco is the one that produced the remix. Paris Grey's vocals take me back. (When's the Soul II Soul reunion?)

Check out the video for Good Life at Nefarious Girl!!

MP3: Big Fun (Simian Mobile Disco Remix) (YSI)

*UPDATE: It's a WMC DJ set. So I wonder if this Body Language album is a preview? Or if they go in a different direction when DJing live?