I'll Be Back

So I've been on a little hiatus from the "scene" (ie. going out), I even took a slight LOA (leave of absense) from my Thursday gig (Happy House @ PS14) this week but fret not, the guys held the fort proudly. But you know that can't last, I already have an itch to drop some new tunes on the 1's and 2's to my legions of adoring fans. (I'm kidding! ...About the legions of fans... maybe just a couple bu they are adoring nonetheless!)

Anyways, I digress, back to the music... Seems like Mylo is ready to make a come back too! Finally.

His track Drop the Pressure (heard of it?) was staple when Off the Radar (the party) made it's debut back in 2004 at Buck 15. His album Destroy Rock & Roll shook up the indie dance scene and I think paved the way for more house music to be introduced to its guitar loving members.

He DJ'ed at The District a few years back (May 2006) and induced the entire garden into a sweaty heaving mess. There were live visuals by the same guy that work with The Knife on their tour. I remember when I went to pick them up at the hotel that Mylo had some wicked pair of Reebok pumps in Miami Vice colors. People in the lobby kept stopping him asking where he got them. He bought them just for the trip. I tried finding some photos from the night but who knows where they are now.
So, Mylo debut his new track on the Annie Mac Mash-Up show on BBC's Radio 1 last Friday (hey I'm in Miami, what do you expect? It's not like they play this shit on Power 96 or Y-100...). Anyways, it might or might not be aptly called I'm Back that's how he labeled it and Annie Mac named it. What do you think? Is he making a return as the "savior of dance music"?

And to top it off here is a white label 2009 remix of that track with the unforgetable chorus.

MP3: I'm Back (Radio rip from BBC Radio 1) (ysi)
MP3: Drop the Pressure 2009 (Mix 1) (ysi)


CouchFire said...

"I'm Back" is like putting on pair of slacks fresh out the dryer!

Chris said...

Looking forward to this album...