Marina & the Diamonds

Marina from Marina & the Daimonds is a pocket of energy and creativity from Greece/Wales that reminds me of early Tori Amos. Probably because of her vocals which go all over the place and especially that piano she uses on her debut track Obsessions. Quite good, I can see how it can easily become an Obsession. Catchy as hell!

Seems she is working on her debut album to be released later this year. So far she's got a few tracks you can listen to on her Myspace player.

Here is Obsessions, plus the video..

Noticed local toy superstars Friends with You are on her top friends list. Go Sam!

MP3: Obsessions - Marina & the Diamonds (YSI)

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Anonymous said...

i adore her.. totaly jealous, she's a beaut and has a voice.. i love this song :)