Dat Politics

Dat Politics is a three piece from Lille, France. They create music that is somewhat grenre bending but could be classified as glitched-out dance pop. All sounds are forged on laptops and they are not that disimilar from Matmos or Kid 606 but are decidedly more accessible and melodic. Their brand new album, Mad Kit, is a shot of playful electro that combines digitized vocals with distorted breaks and electric frequencies.

The band was actually formed in 1999 and they have released several albums of their own brand of deconstructed, abstract electronica. The group also oversees pretty much all artistic aspects of their sound, from the record covers to their website and music videos. Their style is pretty unique but is quite catchy at the same time. Here are a couple of tracks off the new album that I'm sure everyone will dig.

MP3: Bad Dream Machine - Dat Politics (YSI)
MP3: Freak Me Out - Dat Politics (YSI)

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