Fare Soldi / 500th Post!!

First off just wanted to say this is our 500th Post!! That's a pretty big achievement I think. I think we can go into syndication now or something.

Anyway's just wanted to thank you all for listening and being faithful readers to the Off the Radar Blog!

When we started we barely had 30 visitors a day (mostly us and our friends I'm sure). Now little by little we are getting to the big boys level and getting readers from all over the world!

It's great to spread the word about new artists and music that we love.

The music industry is changing and blogs like ours are becoming more important than ever, especially when it comes to breaking new artists, music and trends.

Cheers from the Off the Radar Crew!

To celebrate I wanted to post this great new video from Italy's Fare Soldi for 'Survivor'. It's very italo disco sounding and features tons of 70's/80's references. A color explosion!

The video was so good it made me request a copy of their debut album 'Sappiamo Dove Abiti' on Riotmaker Records. The album features 16 tracks including some great little interspersed italian snippets.

The album goes all over the place from nu-disco to pop and funk. There's a little something for everyone. A great party record. They've even been remixed by the likes of Saint Pauli and Keenhouse.

Here's a couple tracks from their debut, plus the Survivor video I was talking about. Enjoy!

MP3: Survivor - Fare Soldi (YSI)
MP3: Message in Abaddo - Fare Soldi (YSI)


Unknown said...

Hell Yeah! 500 and counting!

Anonymous said...

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Ray Milian said...

don't think we need, our crowd is more the strong silent type. thanks anyways!