It's a Beautiful Day

It really is. This is the time of the year meteorologists call "mild". Typically mild things are not very much fun. Mild mexican food? Mild sexual content? But when it comes to weather, it's the shiznig.

And judging from phone's forcast, the good weather seems to be sticking through the weekend. (Bob Marley Fest - I mean the Caribbean Festival is this weekend) Ignore the lighting on Sunday, that's probably some random Yahoo! weatherman from an office in NY who got jealous of putting in all the sunshine for our forecast. Speaking of the weekend....

It is here!!!! (technically for me, it's in 62 minutes... but whatever...) I am in desperate need for an escape from work and my friends have MIRACULOUSLY all confirmed for tonight so that means only one thing… PRE-PARTY! I don’t know about you guys, but our pre-parties usually end up being more fun that the actual destination (so much that we often ditch our plans to stay the fuck right where we are!) Plus, it goes without saying that pre-parties are completely in line with our 2009 party budget guidelines (aka getting sauced before heading out – along the same lines as asking for soda water and a lime at the bar – you better at least tip well!!!).

Anyways, I have said it before, I will say it again;
when you have get-togethers, use a playlist or even better play a mix from one of your favorite DJ’s. It keeps the music flowing and you can focus on other things like the beer pong tournament in your living room.

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and neighbor Mike Sike dropped his latest mix, Crambone. I met Mike through a mutual friend (Brian from PS14) when he moved into my building (the coolest building in the world). Let’s put it this way, he has a PING PONG TABLE in his LIVING ROOM! It was from that point forward we became friends.
As a DJ, he has selected records as the resident DJ at NYC’s Nation, Jungle Nation and the infamous Save the Robots. The exposure gained from their allowed him to travel and DJ at Sundance and “wrap parties” for various Hollywood films.

As for his new mix, I played this mix for some friends last week and the music flowed seamlessly (what else would you expect?). Stylistically, it runs the gamut from (dare I say?) “vintage” Tom and Jerry cartoons excerpts and through various house genres (funky and minimal house) with a healthy sprinkling of fan favorites (Duran Duran’s View to a Kill – very apropos considering Grace Jones’ recent mini comeback) . Mike hits the ground running with this mix but it really shines when he puts on his house shoes (remember those things?? – House Shoes – HAHA) around minute 9:00 starting with Mike Dunn’s Freaky Muthafucker. Hilarious tongue-n-cheek lyrics about well, freaky muthafuckers.

Oh and if like what you hear (of course you will), head over to The News on Biscayne @ 55th Street Station (you know it, Soyka, Andiamo’s, Sushi Siam and… The News) on Fridays where Mike holds down the fort every week.

Download this latest mix right (through) here.

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Anonymous said...

He did not DJ at Save The Robots.

Sincerely, Kip Lavinger
REAL Saturday DJ at Robots for YEARS.