The Japanese Popstars

The Japanese Popstars are a trio of Irish lads that put out some amazing heavy electro jams.

First heard about them in an interview w/Benny Bennasi were he named them as one of his favorite artists, so I did some investigating and was blown away. Full on peak time dancefloor material!

Their debut album is called 'We Just Are' and is available as an import. Not sure when we'll be seeing a domestic release date in the States, but you probably shouldn't wait.

Here is some of the believers they've amased in a short time...

"A Star Is Born....Or Should I Say Stars!" - Pete Tong, BBC Radio 1

"I'm knocked out! That is a BIG BIG record! Very strong!!" - Zane Lowe, BBC Radio 1

"This album is f*cking amazing. In fact it is in severe danger of taking over our lives..." -

"Is this the greatest record ever made or is this my imagination?" - Word Magazine

“They’re gonna be riding high in the charts before long... Cut from the same cloth as Orbital and Underworld, theirs is a sky-skimming stadium-sized version: the kind of tracks built to make an entire field of ravers jump in unison. They’re something special...” - DJ MAG

"Literally, amazing." - Word Magazine

"The Popstars should ready themselves for massive dance floor, make that stadium riots and complete oversaturation, as I fully expect these guys to be mega....Nowadays Ed and Tom could learn a thing or two from these dudes..." - EXCLAIM.CA

"Do believe the hype" - IDJ Magzine

Just in case you need extra convincing, here's a couple tracks from their debut album and their video for 'Rise of Ulysses'.

MP3: Delboy's Revenge - The Japanese Popstars (YSI)
MP3: Dr. Frenchy Bernard - The Japanese Popstars (YSI)

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