Junior Boys :: Begone Dull Care

Finally the long awaited New Junior Boys album 'Begone Dull Care' is on the horizon.... It is set for release on April 7th in the US.

The album has been leaked on the internet for a bit, so I've heard the whole thing and it is quite good! Did you expect anything less from these electronic masterminds? They can do no wrong in my book.

Every album they've put out has been a little different from the previous one and this one is no exception.

Lo-fi electronic pop for the sophisticated listener that will grow on you and reveal subtleties with repeated listens.

They kept the album slim at 8 tracks, but it's an excellent 8. First single is set to be 'Hazel' which will precede the album's release.

Here is Track 3 'Bits & Pieces' for you to enjoy...

MP3: Bits & Pieces - Junior Boys (YSI)

'Begone Dull Care' Tracklisting::

1. Parallel Lines
2. Work
3. Bits & Pieces
4. Dull to Pause
5. Hazel
6. Sneak a Picture
7. The Animator
8. What It's For

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