We Have Band

Despite their somewhat ridiculous name, the London trio We Have Band play an infectious blend of indie rock and electro pop. The group actually consists of former EMI Records employees Thomas WP, Dede WP, and Darren Bancroft. With each member sharing vocal and programming duties, every song has its own unique feel but stays true to the band's overall sound.

The group was formed only last year, but has already received much hype. They had the song "Hear It in the Cans" featured on the most recent Kitsune Maison compilation and plan on touring extensively this year. The track "Oh" was released as a single in November 2008. That is their only "official" release but I was able to find a full album's worth of high quality demos that were recorded towards the end of last year. The tracks are choc-full of chugging bass lines, choppy guitar licks, and harmonious male/female vocals. So without further delay, here are a couple of demo tracks, as well as a pretty cool video for the single "Oh."

MP3: Hear It In The Cans - We Have Band (YSI)
MP3: You've Had Band - We Have Band (YSI)

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