Jose El Rey

Miami superstar and all around amazing guy Jose El Rey is always entertaining. Such a character!

You have to catch one of his live shows to fully appreciate his craft.

His music reminds me of early Peaches. Lo-fi electro-bass with simple rhymes and latin influences. He is Cuban after all.

He is also a part of Miami Bass Warriors with the infamous Otto Von Schirach. You may remember a video we posted for them awhile ago for 'Going Back to Calle Ocho' which made it onto a lot of big blogs all over the country including Perez Hilton!

He just put out a new video for his track 'Night Time Ladies of the Night'. As always his videos are funny as hell! Follow him around the streets of Miami as he gets into the action and showcases some of our seedy Motels. Gotta love an artist with a sense of humor!

He was kind enough to send me the video and the mp3 for the track so if any of you kids out there wanna download it.

If you like what you hear you can buy his whole debut album 'A Little Strong' on Itunes.

MP3: Night Time Ladies of the Night - Jose El Rey (YSI)


Anonymous said...

are you guys still doing a friday night party at Viceroy?

Ray Milian said...

no. they got a little too severe with dress code for our crowd. turned away a lot of our friends including girls dressed nice. not sure if they know what their doing over there.

gregos said...

that sucks..i wanted to check that place out..

Jsin said...

All around brilliant...
There were moments where I was watching the movie and thinking to myself, "Is this guy really my friend?"
(insert video love here)
-gee funk

Carla said...

Thanks for the track!! Fave!! dance your ass off to this one.