Golden Filter

Here's the two latest remixes and last for awhile for Golden Filter.

I particularly like the Little Boots remix for 'New In Town'. They're both great, just had a bit of an overdose on Empire of the Sun lately. Been hearing them out too much.

What I really want is new original material from GF! Debut album please... we're waiting!

Check out their myspace pics section here for this great photoshoot did for a magazine. Great 70's looking spread called Ghosts. The two above are from that.

Here's also their video for Solid Gold. The first track that sparked my interest in them, as well as many others I'm sure. Don't think I ever posted it, so here it is.

MP3: New In Town (The Golden Filter Remix) - Little Boots (YSI)
MP3: We Are the People (The Golden Filter Remix) - Empire of the Sun (YSI)

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Carla said...

we are the people is pretty GREAT! have hit repeat about three times already.