Make the Girl Dance

Make the Girl Dance are Campana & Perrin (aka) Greg & Pierre from Paris, France.

They were smart enough to make a video for their track 'Baby, Baby, Baby' with these 3 models walking naked down the streets of Paris with only a toy radio on hand.

Seems a few bands have been doing nude videos lately, but I'm pretty sure the girls aren't as hot as these.

Would be nice to see the non-blocked out version. I'm sure the editing guy must have enjoyed this project. Funny to see the people who turn around for a double take!?

Besides the great attention getting video, the song itself is a summer anthem ala 'We Are Your Friends' that I'm sure will be making waves this summer at a club near you. Who cares if the girl is just spewing jibberish.

The single's officially released June the 1st.

MP3: Baby, Baby, Baby - Make the Girl Dance (YSI)

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Sam said...

Yeah I saw this on some of the other blogs. It's a pretty cool beat... now if only I spoke french. . . Sad face