In Flagranti kill it with their choices of samples in their newest LP Brash & Vulgar. Most definitely the most cohesive of all their releases, it sets the standard pretty high for dance music in 2009.
Not quite a savior of disco, Brash & Vulgar however methodologically spews forth track after track of driving beats that will subconsciously make you succumb to the the chicken head dance. (I don't know where I got that one from...).

Here, in case you don't know how to do it... (blog credibility is now hitting an all time low...)

Okay, hold up! Don't surf away yet! In Flagranti! Brash & Vulgar! Dance! Go!

I don't want to call it house music or disco but it's dance music for sure. Some tracks may lean to one style and others defining their own. All of them though are in your face.

The album eschews sexuality without becoming too corny a la Sebastian Tellier (he has just started annoying me more and more lately). Mainly by leaving the two guys of In Flagranti (Sasha Crnobrnja & Alex Gloor) out of the equation.

At Codek Records you can listen to samples of all the tracks with names like: she bend each leg alternately and how did the affair end?

Oh and you'll be hearing me play this song out this entire summer:

MP3: I Hadn't Screwd Around Before (ysi)

Along the same lines of Dirty Soundsystem and their dirty edits and dirty album covers maybe we should call this style of music Smut House? (Dirty Disco is already taken...).

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