NYC / Marcus Rombo / Adrian Lux / Fan Death

I'm back from NYC!! That was a fun/tiring experience... I didn't realize how much you walk when you're in NY. My legs/feet were sore as hell for like the first 3 days I was there. Wish I would have taken more comfy shoes. Us Miamians are a car culture. We drive around 15 mins just looking for a closer parking spot when we go anywhere. Must keep them in great shape which is a side benefit to living there I would imagine.

I must say the subway system is pretty sweet! You can pretty much get anywhere for like $20 a week with that Metro Card. Rents more expensive, but without a car payment and insurance and stuff I think like that it all kinda evens out. If it wasn't so cold for so much of the year I think I would totally live there. There's so much to do and see. It would take me months to see everything.

My favorite area was the Bedford Area in Brooklyn which was near to were we were staying. It was full of young hip professionals dressed impeccably wherever you turned. On my last day I was hanging out with my girlfriend and we went to this vintage shop called Beacon's Closet which was pretty amazing. Only thing is we ran into it last minute before we had to head to the airport, so we kinda had to rush, but they had great stuff. All for like $15 a piece. A little more expensive than Red, White and Blue or Salvation Army, but worth it because you don't have to go through all the crap to find the gems. All the best stuff is hand picked for you. Everyone there (including staff) were these uber cool hipsters. Plus they played a great psychedelic 60's soundtrack while you shopped. That was nice way to end our vacation.

Here's a few pics. There's way more that we took. If you wanna see them they're on my Facebook.

I'm a bit behind with the new music and all, but I'll be catching up in the next few days.

In the meantime here is a sweet remix that Marcus Rombo sent us that he did for Adrian Lux's 'Can't Sleep'. As everything I've heard from Rombo it's top notch quality stuff. Here it is in full 320 bit rate.

In addition here is a sweet cover Fan Death did of Q Lazzarus' classic Goodbye Horses. I love the original of this and this cover is almost as good!

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Francisco said...

hey I live in Williamsburg. Glad you liked it. Of course I knew you would. Say hi to Chris for me.