Disco Not Disco

Got these great Leftfiled Disco/Post Punk compilation CD's the other day called 'Disco Not Disco'.

Trying to beef up my classic collection as I'm pretty solid with the newer stuff. Volume 1 and 2 both have some pretty good hard to find stuff.

In particular I've been loving this track on Vol #1 called 'Los Niños Del Parque' by Liaisons Dangereuses. Spanish vocals and this hard industrial type beat that's sooo good! Reminds me of the Industrial stuff I grew up listening to in the early 90's like Nitzer Ebb. Check it out...

MP3: Los Niños Del Parque (12' Mix) - Liaisons Dangereuses (YSI)

Also on Vol #1 there's this track called 'Binary' by a band called Kazino that is excellent! A more minimal new wavey dance track that is quite good.

MP3: Binary - Kazino (YSI)

Vol #2 has a few more bands/tracks that I recognize and play like Alexander Robotnick, The Clash & 'White Horse', but there's also a few great tracks that I didn't have like this track called 'Bostich' by Yello that is outstanding! I only ever heard that famous 'Oh Yeah' track by them from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I had no idea they did other great stuff like this. Might have to go back and see what else they've done.

MP3: Bostich - Yello (YSI)

As a bonus here is 'Problemes D'Amour' by Alexander Robotnick. A classic I NEVER get tired of hearing. Always reminds me of National Lampoons European Vacation. Love those Chevy Chase movies! Must have seen them a million times growing up. Still watch them whenever I catch them on TV.

MP3: Problemes D'Amour - Alexander Robotnick (YSI)


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