Free Falling

What goes around, come around... 1981. Skydiver by Neon. (What did you think I was going to post a Petty track? I did see him a concert a few years back and it was a damn good show though...).
I wouldn't mind skydiving over that skyline (hey that's my building on the left of the photo! That little white thing west of I-95). But I think most jumps in the 305 are done down south.

Come on all you disco afficionados... Let's see how long until I hear this track being played again. It was re-released in '06 as part of the Disco Galaxia compilation (along with a few other hard to find italo disco cuts). Skydiver is probably my favorite of the bunch. All these tracks are set to make an indie comeback (no way the mainstream is ready for this though... doesn't have enough autotune... or is autotune dead? H.O.V.A. gave it a death wish! damn he's good...)

MP3: Neon - Skydiver (ysi)

Joakim included the Neon track in the mix he did for Colette in '07. The best mix of the series, but you know I'm partial to Joakim. Speaking of Joakim... his new album, Milky Ways is out in September! I can't wait! So much so that I currently have his latest single Watermelon Bubblicious as my ring tone. AND now you can TOO!

Ring tone: Joakim - Watermelon Bubblicious iPhone ring tone (via Versatile Records)

Oh and you know I couldn't leave you without a Joakim track right?

How about his take on Royksopp's (most ridiculously (lame) themed song and video) The Girl and The Robot? Seriously, the video is a bit ca-reepy. Does the robot have a vibrator attachment? Okay I'll stop there. Joakim smooths the track out and gives it that driving beat that he has perfected.

MP3: Royksopp - The Girl and The Robot (Joakim Remix) (ysi)

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Victor Castro said...

it's funny how i can immediately recognize a post from Chris' on the 1st sentence. great flow on this post. dig how all is connected. i mean it usually is with all of you, but this was goodness at it's best... flow with diversity!