Seb is a 20-something musician from the city of London and a fan of Off the Radar (he's read us before). He was previously involved in the industry working for Warners, compiling James Blunt masters and fixing Michael Buble's laptop.

He has since quit that job and is ready to unleash his talent with the release of his single News for You, which he wrote and produced himself. He describes the track as a more soulful Daft Punk meets George Michael. The song definitely has an 80's feel to it with a bit of a disco-esque drive. A propulsive, dancy beat and catchy chorus keep the song moving.

We will be keeping tabs on this guy for sure as he is planning to release a full length album later this year.

Here is his single at a full 320 kpbs, as well as the video for it.

MP3: News For You - Seb (YSI)

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