Souvenir are an electro-pop duo from Spain with sexy French vocals.

They sent me their video for 'Ta Machine' and an mp3 for 'Drums, Sex and Dance' the other day and I was blown away! Amazing electro-pop with a hint of italo disco and guitars thrown in for good measure.

They were kind enough to send me a copy of their album 'Drums, Sex and Dance' and there's not a bad track in the 9 song bunch. Really digging it!

Here's the first two tracks from their album and their video to make you a believer. Then go buy the rest of it, muy bueno! Think you can buy it online at or their myspace.

MP3: Drums, Sex and Dance - Souvenir (YSI)
MP3: Ta Machine - Souvenir (YSI)

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ElectroPopper said...

awesome =) ... you might also like a wicked new electro pop female singer i found - Kat Valerie from STAARK ? great voice (kinda sexy, kinda quirky) + great music too > def check it!