AdamandEvil are LA duo Scott Fairbrother and Julian Shah-Tayler formerly from London band Whitey. Seems they liked the West Coast so much back in '07' they decided to make LA their home and have a go at it on their own.

Man, I must've played that Whitey track 'Wrap it Up' a million times back in the day. People loved that on the dancefloor. They're currently working on their self produced debut album with Danny Saber (David Bowie/Rolling Stones). Umm-amazing!

They have an unreleased self titled EP which was sent to us for review and I am thoroughly enjoying it! Great mid-tempo stuff. From indie rock to slower atmospheric tracks, all with a dark electronic pop flair. Slower is good...

URB Magazine said this about them:: 'LA's newest buzz band... well-tread yet still welcome breezy electro-pop.'

Wanna hear some? Of course you do!

Here's a couple of my favorites 'Weeds' and 'Outnumbered', plus a dance remix of Weeds by Daisy O-Dell that's also on the EP.

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