Air Return!

Our beloved Air Return in 09'! They will be releasing new album 'Love 2' in October.

In the meantime they've released 'Do the Joy' the first track from their new album to anyone who subscribes to their newsletter. It's classic Air fare, electronic deliciousness. Can't wait for the album, Air has always been one of the best bands to listen to as the night sets in and I've been craving some new material.

With no further ado here is that track, plus the album tracklisting. Tic, toc...

MP3: Do the Joy - Air (YSI)

'Love 2' Tracklisting::

01 Do The Joy
02 Love
03 So Light Is Her Footfall
04 Be A Bee
05 Missing The Light Of The Day
06 Tropical Disease
07 Heaven’s Light
08 Night Hunter
09 Sing Sang Sung
10 Eat My Beat
11 You Can Tell It To Everybody
12 African Velvet

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