Amtrak is a DJ/producer from Kentucky. Wonder what the music scene's like there?

Recently he contacted us and sent us a few tracks for review and I have to say they are mighty fine! His music is electro-pop, so you know I'd dig that right away.

He's definitely in the right field too. Great vocals and an ear for catchy pop hooks. His music reminds me of The Twelves and I love them!

Seems like he's just starting out too, so it feels appropriate that he's on Off the Radar. He's put out an EP called Why? from which these tracks are from. He's also working on his debut album 'Dirty Dancing' which he promises to have out soon. Can't wait! We'll be keeping an eye out for that.

With no further ado get ready to fall in love with Amtrak.

MP3: In Love - Amtrak (YSI)
MP3: Running to You - Amtrak (YSI)
MP3: Why You Look So Blue? - Amtrak (YSI)

P.S. If you're in Miami be sure to stop by The Vagabond Tonight as our good friends Waterford Landing will be Performing Live, plus as always music by Danny Ashe and Ray Milian from Off the Radar! Always a great time!


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