Jason Lytle

Jason Lytle is the former frontman for the amazing indie band Grandaddy who called it quits a few years ago.

Recently he's moved on to Montana hunkered down and returned with his debut solo album 'Yours Truly, the Commuter' out now and I'm here to tell you it's just as good as anything Grandaddy ever put out! Amazingly haunting album, perfect for late night listens!

Fans of Grandaddy will not find much difference in this and his critically acclaimed albums 'The Sophtware Slump' and 'Sumday' both of which are amazing records. Particularly Sophtware which was the buzz album of 2000 for all the kids in the know. 'Crystal Lake' anyone?

I remember going to see Grandaddy perform in Orlando when they released Sophtware Slump with a bunch of friends in a rented van all those years ago. Ahhh the memories!

Get re-aquainted with Jason Lytle, you may find you were missing him and his amazing voice as much as I was.

Here's a couple stellar tracks from his new release plus the video for 'I Am Lost'. Beautiful! If you like these I highly recommend you pick up the album, you won't be disappointed!

P.S. You can also find Jason Lytle contributing vocals on the Dangermouse/Sparklehorse collaboration for 'Dark Night of the Soul'. You can find a post I did on that here. Here's a track from that collaboration as well.

MP3: Ghost of My Old Dog - Jason Lytle (YSI)
MP3: Birds Encouraged Him - Jason Lytle (YSI)

MP3: Jaykub (feat Jason Lytle) - Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse (YSI)

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