Memory Cassette

Memory Cassette hail from the often maligned New Jersey. Their music is dreamwave and quite good!

Recently they released their EP 'Call & Response' which was limited to 500 vinyl pressings that quickly sold out. (Although digital versions are still available)

Along with the EP they released a Free Remix EP appropriatetly titled 'Call and Responses' featuring friends remixing their tracks, including some of our favorite artists CFCF, Weird Tapes & Sail a Whale.

Great stuff! Soothing midtempo, atmospheric, electronic music. Perfect for late night listens. Especially loving the Weird Tapes version of 'Surfin'.

Their label Acephale Records contacted us and asked us to help spread the word about the release and with music this good we couldn't say no.

Here are 3 of those remixes in full 320 bit rate!

MP3: Surfin (Weird Tapes Version) - Memory Cassette (YSI)
MP3: Last One Awake (CFCF Version) - Memory Cassette (YSI)
MP3: Surfin (Sail A Whale Version) - Memory Cassette (YSI)

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Anonymous said...

This song is definitely an improvement over the original. It's also an interesting glimpse of Memory Tapes before it came to be. Here is some Memory Tapes review I found the other day: