New Holy Ghost Video

Here's the New Video for the long overdue New Single by Holy Ghost!, 'I Will Come Back'. An homage to NYC nightlife and a remake of New Order's 'Confusion' video. NYC pizza how I miss thee...

That's also the legendary producer Arthur Baker reprising his role in the original New Order video. Apparently they met him a night out on the town and after telling him what they planned on doing he insisted on playing himself. They were gonna have James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) play his part. That's also Nancy Whang from The Juan MacLean doing a damn fine acting job as well.

In addition to the video, here is a Classixx Remix of the track that I came across the other day. It's a very nice reworking of the song. Just as good as the original, but in a totally different way. Ahhh the beautfy of a good remix. Danny posted the original here a couple of weeks ago if you don't already have that.

MP3: I Will Come Back (Classixx Acapulco Nights Version) - Holy Ghost! (YSI)

P.S. After watching the original New Order video for 'Confusion' I wanted to include it in the post to show you how good of a job they did. Spot on on alot of things. Minus a few minor changes (no more tapes and clothes aren't as cheesy) He he... Enjoy.

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Victor Castro said...

sweetness! i played both simultaneously and it didn't sound bad... well, maybe to me, i was testing my ability to block out everything to recognize N.O. 'spirits'. i recognize New Order beats from mixes away! VIVA NO!!