Relentless are an electronic San Francisco duo who contacted us recently. Glad they did cause they're damn good!

Great tech house dancefloor jams with a pop sensibility.

They sent us like 8 songs/remixes our way. I usually just listen to the first track or two when I get an email from an artist then trail off when I get an idea what they sound like, but not with these guys. I just kept on going, downloading them all. Not a bad one in the bunch!

My Itunes loves me for it, maybe you will too for sharing such great music with you??

Hard to pick which one's to post cause they're all so good, but here are some of my favorites in full 320 quality!


P.S. Bands/artists keep sending me mp3's/videos for consideration on the Radar Blog. Send them to Lately more and more of the content I've been posting has come from direct contributions that you guys have been sending me (which has definitely been on an upswing the last 6 months or so). Makes my life a whole lot easier, plus it equals more great music for all of us!

MP3: The City Loves You - Relentless (YSI)
MP3: UR Fired - Relentless (YSI)
MP3: Mono Love (After Midnight Remix) - Relentless (YSI)
MP3: William of Ockham - Relentless (YSI)

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