The XX are a London based band that has been getting tons of love and buzz in the blog world lately. They're actually the number one most blogged band on Hype Machine at the moment.

They released their self titled debut album earlier this month. I got my hands on it a couple of days ago and I have to say all that praise is well deserved!

Their music is kind of hard to describe. A dark minimal rock band with back and forth male/female vocals and flowing basslines.

So far they've released two singles/videos for 'Basic Space' and 'Crystalised'.

Just like their music their videos are dark and minimal as well. That dark/minimal vibe kinda reminds me a bit of Joy Division, even though their music is not really that similar. It's just that damn dark vibe! I'm a sucker for that...

Here's a couple tracks and their video for 'Crystalised'. I recommend you pick this up, especially if you like your rock minimal. Beautiful stuff and a great debut album!

MP3: Crystalised - XX (YSI)
MP3: Heart Skipped a Beat - XX (YSI)

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