Yacht are a duo from Portland, Oregon. They have a lengthy explanation of what exactly they see themselves as on their myspace if you want to delve further.

They just put out and excellent new album called 'See Mystery Lights' on DFA last week. Been listening to it the last couple of days and digging it!

It's like the most indie artsy band I've heard on DFA. Their usually more straight up dance. Glad they put this out though, it's good for record labels to not get pigeonholed and just be known for one genre of music.

My favorite tracks so far are 'The Afterlife' and 'I'm in Love with a Ripper'. Sure you've heard 'Summer Song' too which is also quite good and apparently dedicated to James Murphy which first caught the label founders attention.

The first single from the album is 'Psychic TV' with an accompanying provocative religious themed video for it. Here is that plus my two fave tracks. Enjoy!


Chris said...

Their last album made my 'best of' list for 2007.

Anonymous said...

This new album is terrific. I read a review here:

For me, YACHT just came out of nowhere. "Off the Radar" indeed. The remix included in the link is solid too.

Yachts brand said...

how many yahcts brands in the world?

Ray Milian said...

ha ha don't know but seems like your one of them also :) do you make music?

Anonymous said...