The Eels Return

Been a fan of the Eels for years. Used to play 'Souljacker' by him back in the days of Piccadilly Garden circa 2002 and it always used to rile up the crowd. Seems he's back with a new album called Hombre Lobo:12 Songs of Desire available now.

His label Vagrant Records contacted us the other day with a great new video that he has for 'That Look You Give That Guy' featuring Padame from Top Chef.  Big fan of that show and most of the Bravo shows for that matter. Padame's a real cutie! Anyway's the video's pretty funny. Just gotta wait it out till the end for the punch line.

The album like the single is classic Eels. Mostly downtempo introspective guitar rock with his signature voice and delivery that he's known for. If you like this track chances are you'll dig the album. Check it out...

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Anonymous said...

Haha, nice video. Good to see more new stuff from the Eels. Thanks for posting.