The Fascination Movement

A very exciting electronic pop band that was recently brought to my attention is The Fascination Movement who hail from Seattle, Washington.  Kind of an odd place for a band to have this type of sound. They sound like they should be from the UK or Europe somewhere, mostly because their sound reminds me of a young New Order. Very exciting stuff!

Recently they released new single 'Bringing Down the Walls' and it is stellar! I can't post the whole track, but the label has been kind enough to send me a promo edit for you guys to sample. They are also working on a video which I will post as soon as it's out. You can purchase the single on amazon for a only .99! You can also download their excellent Debut EP .5 on amazon for only $5, another bargain for music this good! Can't wait to hear their full length! This band shows alot of promise, we'll be keeping our eyes on them.

Here is that promo edit plus 'Radio' off their EP'Lost in the Radio...'  Soooooo good!!

MP3: Bringing Down the Walls (Promo Edit) - The Fascination Movement  (YSI)
MP3: Radio - The Fascination Movement  (YSI)

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Michael Unger said...

Really loving this one Ray!