Grizzly Bear + Michael McDonald

Grizzly Bear is back with a wonderful new video for the song 'While You Wait for the Others'. It is directed by Sean Peknold.

The video features an anonymous fencer hiding his face behind a mask as he peacefully sits there while crazy visual juxtapositions flow through his mind. There’s a lot to see here folks!

This is my favorite track off of their album Veckatimest and I’m stoked that they made a video for it. Hope you enjoy it!

Here is an mp3 of an alternate version of the song featuring none other than Michael McDonald on lead vocals. It’s a little strange at first but it grows on you, especially the last minute of the track which has that signature strong voice… he definitely sells the drama!

MP3: While You Wait for the Others (feat. Michael McDonald) - Grizzly Bear (YSI)

… if you are having a hard time putting the voice to a face, here is a Michael McDonald gem to help you out…

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Don’t forget Glass Candy will be performing at The Vagabond in Miami tonight. Ray and I will be DJ'ing and the rest of the OTR crew will most likely be found near the bar!

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