Midnight Juggernauts New Single!

One of my favorite bands of (07/08) Midnight Juggernauts are back with a brand spanking New Single entitled 'This New Technology'. Love these guys from down under! Their new single leaves right were they left off, kicking electronic rock ass! Can't wait for the long player which should be hitting us sometime early next year.

For now sample on this...

P.S. Pre-order the Limited Edition 7' Record with an Exclusive B-Side on their label Acephale Records here. Limited to only 500 one time pressings these will surely fly fast!

MP3: This New Technology - Midnight Juggernauts  (YSI)


emmett said...

Love the Midnight Juggernauts! Thanks man. Any more from those guys Playdoe?? That was my favorite song of 2007 for SURE

Ray Milian said...

no problem. love midnight too! haven't heard anything about playdoe. if you hear anything email me and i'll look into it. offtheradarmiami@gmail.com