Happy Halloween!

Got your costumes ready?? I do! I'll give you a hint on mine. It's another Tim Burton/Johnny Depp character. Been doing Burton/Depp characters last couple years with Edward Scissorhands two years ago and Sweeney Todd last year. Thought I'd continue the tradition, at least till I run out of characters from them. Which might be a while cause they have so many, but that's fine by me as I love everything they do.  

Anyways this year Halloween falls on Saturday which means Friday and Saturday are both gonna be pretty insane! In anticipation been downloading Halloween related/dark gothy tracks all day to sprinkle in my sets over the week-end. Thought I'd post a few of those to get you guys into the spirit.

Hope you enjoy them and have a great/safe Halloween week-end!!

MP3: Everyday is Halloween - Ministry 

MP3: Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo 

MP3: People Are Strange - The Doors 

MP3: Cry Little Sister (Theme from Lost Boys) - Gerard McMann

MP3: Warm Leatherette - The Normal

Here's the beginning of one of favorite movies and another Tim Burton classic Nightmare Before Christmas. Just in case you ever wondered were holidays came from... 

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