Junior Boys Tour + Remix

We here in Miami are all super excited for Junior Boys this Saturday at The Vagabond! If you are in Miami, this is a must! Hear they are amazing live! Also heard that Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus of Junior Boys are big fans of Halloween, and due to the proximity to the holiday, have been encouraging fans to dress in their Halloween best. Guess they've been giving out free stuff (like CD's and T-shirts) to best costume!!

Want more exciting news? Well, looks like the duo will be releasing a new single in the not-so-distant future! This new single will include remixes by Prins Thomas and Modeselektor of their songs 'Work' and 'Bits and Pieces' from their latest album Begone Dull Care. Furthermore, keep your eyes out for an upcoming new video for 'Bits and Pieces' directed by the visual collaborator of Final Fantasy, Stephanie Comilang!

As a preview, we've got the hot Prins Thomas remix of 'Work' for your listening pleasure and to get you pumped up for the concert!

MP3: Work (Prins Thomas Remix) - Junior Boys


Unknown said...

Hey guys, you should add some Woodhands to the OTR site as well. I am looking forward to both!

Ray Milian said...

junior boys killed!!! the vag was packed and it was an amazing show/night we won't soon forget!

Unknown said...

Going to take a lot to beat that performance last weekend! Hopefully we(the vag crowd) left an impression on them as well and they'll be back!!!